It doesn’t happen often…

….but I am proud of myself!

I found out yesterday that I have passed my Open University course! I studied Understanding the Autism Spectrum and I worked so hard on it! Some of it was incredibly hard. I did find it very interesting and could obviously relate to a lot of it too!

It is a BIG thing for me as I wasn’t the most Academic at school! In fact I was not interested in school whatsoever and this reflected in my GCSE results so I am really pleased with this! I am working towards an Open Degree and this is my first course passed!

Not sure what course I will study next… I need to go and have a look and decide!

Quote of the day:

Believe in Yourself!


You Know You’re an Autism Parent when….

I asked this on my Facebook Page and got a fantastic response!! So I’ve compiled them into this blog post! They really did make me chuckle!

You have small Velcro backed laminated pictures all over your house – but can never find the one you need

Bought Dan a pair of size 15 trainers today. Guy serving said ” wow take up basketball you could be the next Michael Jordan” Dans reply ” I can’t be Michael Jordan because I’m me and I’m the wrong colour”

Everything is interpreted so literally

A new lego series = being broke

It is commonplace to say things such as “Stop licking that door handle”, “you can spin, but not near the tv” or “I promise I’m not moving your line of pens I’m just hoovering next to them”

It is quite normal to have a massive cardboard box with a beanbag, space blanket, bubble wrap and starlight pillow in the living room

Your child can name more lego characters than actual people

You can’t smother chips with Ketchup it has to be separate so you can smother each chip individually
And you listen to the same thing being repeated for the thousand time that day

You’ve moved number 47 of my 78 Skylanders. Have you been dusting my room ?

You shout back at nasty comments

Everything I cook for “ME” smells…….so I now have to eat later & on my own!!

Your child can tell you more about Stampy Long Nose than what they done at school!

You will probably slap the next person who says “but he doesn’t look like he has anything wrong with him!”

Your house is being slowly taken over by Dr Who memorabilia!

You wish everyone knew what Statements were so you didn’t have to explain every time

your childs hair has almost grown into a mullet because you just cannot face haircut time!

Bathtime sounds like murder is being committed in your house!

You can’t get away with saying “In a minute” unless you are going to be exactly 60 seconds!

without melatonin your child would survive on about 30 minutes sleep!

You avoid supermarkets like the plague!

There have been lines of smurfs taking over the living room

You can have a full conversation using film dialogue!

A must visit to the library every Sunday just for a DVD and then you are there for nearly an hour before he finally decides which one he wants to take home to watch and then it’s on repeat until we give it back the following Sunday

Your child rocks from one foot to the other repeatedly and you don’t bat an eyelid

You are only allowed to buy “twisty pasta” …bows, tubes or shells are not permitted!

you child LOVES a certain food…. until they change the packet then its a no go zone! No matter how much to try to explain that the contents are the same!

You have to cut your child’s fringe in their sleep because they won’t go near a hairdresser… And the morning is spent trying to gauge if it is straight and then celebrating that it is passable!

I do not want to know the intricacies of mine craft, nerf, YouTube or Lego thank you

Don’t bounce that rubber ball near the TV screen,for the millionth time in ten minutes!

You can speak almost exclusively in SEN acronyms.

Thank you so much to Trish, Alison, Angela, Beverley and Farzana for your input!