An Open Letter to my sons Teacher

This will probably be a long one and I am already emotional as I type this first line!

From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Xavier in the last 15 months since he joined this wonderful school. We had such an awful fight to get him there but it honestly is the best school EVER. Even as I walk through the front doors into the main corridor the feeling of calm and happiness washes over me like a huge wave. It is incredible!

I remember my sister was with me when we brought Xavier in for his first settling in session. At this point he was quite upset with me that I was moving him to another school again but was very intrigued. We pulled up outside and he was quite blown away just by the building! We came into the classroom and the other children were just on their way in from playtime. The first one into the classroom was James. His little eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile when he saw Xavier. Both my sister and I were fighting back tears at this point. The children obviously knew Xavier was coming in but he received the most wonderful welcome.

I can hand on heart say that with the love compassion and understanding that you show, it has changed Xaviers life. He has never had that before. He has been branded as lazy or naughty before. You have been so easy to approach with worries or concerns and you have gone out of your way to make sure all of Xaviers needs are met AND more! He is such a happy child now. He is full of confidence, he has friends, he is eager to try new things, there is next to no meltdowns at home now, you don’t even know he is there. Before he joined this wonderful school we had explosive meltdowns and violence due to frustration almost on a daily basis. You’ve not just changed his life but ours too. I honestly cannot thank you enough.

He comes home from school excited!! That in itself was an alien thing before now! He tells me he has been to a cafe and shared a pot of tea with his friend Marlon. He tells me you’ve all had olympic week at school and he has come home with the “Spirit Of The Games” Award! He was over the moon with his trophy. He tells me how far he is getting with swimming lessons!

At Parents evenings we actually have LOTS of work to look at! We used to have literally a few sheets of paper before! His work is incredible! His imagination is just WOW! His school report blew me away! He is for the first time in his school life doing amazingly well! He is learning, progressing and growing! I am so so very proud of him.

He has been on a 3 day residential trip and LOVED it! I never thought I would see the day that he would stay away from home! He had the most amazing time and as you told me when I came to collect him…. He didn’t want to come home!

He honestly is a different child, he is eating more foods and trying new foods, where we struggled to get Xavier in the bath, we now can’t get him out of it! Xavier narrating the school Christmas performance was very emotional and a huge mile stone. He refused to be involved at his previous schools! He is now interested in starting acting classes in September which he has never had the confidence for before!

So Tom, Thank you! For everything. For believing in my son, for understanding him and how he works, for taking him under your wing, for helping him flourish and grow and showing him that school IS fun. For showing me that I was right to fight for him. We will miss you next year as Xavier will have a new Teacher. Its nice to know that Xavier will still see you around the school though. In Xaviers eyes the next teacher has HUGE boots to fill!

Have an amazing Summer!!




My Girl & Football

This girl…. my girl!

So proud of her!

When still in Primary School and just before her 10th Birthday, she was at an after school football club… someone was there from the local football club and picked her out afterwards and said they are looking for players to join the girls team and would she like to come along to a training session?! She had only ever played football over the road from our house on the little green with the children in the street. We were all very excited!

She went along to the training session and obviously impressed the coach as a couple of days later I had a call to say they wanted to sign her up! WOW!

So paperwork done ad she was officially a player for Crawley Town Girls U11s team! She is about to embark on the new season in September as an U15 player! Where does the time go?!

A couple of weeks ago we had the girls End of Season Presentation afternoon! The girls had a new coach at the beginning of last season and after a massive confidence drop he has helped her build that back up! He believes in her! When he called out her name for Managers Player Award at Presentation Afternoon she was gobsmacked!! I could have popped I was so proud!! She has come so far in 4 years. She loves the game so much, all the team have an amazing bond! They are amazing to watch!!

She has quite a collection of trophies now but this one I think means a great deal to her! She has some from Tournaments over the years, others from presentation evenings and league and cup winners and runners up trophies and medals! When she got home from presentation afternoon she sat and polished them all! They now have pride of place on my new sideboard!

I love supporting her, I love watching her play and grow! I am a massive footy fan anyway so to be able to watch my daughter play is awesome!! Long may it continue! She dreams of England Ladies! I told her if she works hard anything is possible!

She is about 5ft 9in and has size 8.5 football boots!! I should have shares in Adidas and Nike with the amount of football boots and Astro boots we have had to buy in the last 4 years!! Hopefully her feet won’t grow too much more! Bring on next season!! I cannot wait!!!