We Are Back!

So… we are back! Had some serious issues with the blog and 4 years worth of work has gone! Vanished into cyber space!! I have now stopped crying and realised that no amount of tears will bring my work back. So we are kind of starting again!

So whats new?

Well…. we have a new addition! On 28th April 2017 at 12.06pm Fraser arrived into our lives via CSection! He is the most adorable little boy who is loved by all! Izzy and Xavier have taken to their new Big Sister/ Big Brother roles like ducks to water! We are so blessed to have such amazing children!

I will be writing more about the pregnancy/birth in due course.

So yes we are back! I have missed blogging/ writing so much. Cant wait to share everything with you all but for now I have a grumpy baby with a smelly nappy to change!!