Baby is 4 Months Old



Fraser is now 4 months old! WOW!!


The colic/reflux and tongue/lip tie has got no further really. We had a referral from our Health Visitor for a lip/tongue tie assessment. That wasn’t hugely successful as we were told he does have tongue tie but it isn’t severe enough to do anything about plus he is over the 16 week threshold so if it needed doing he would have to be put under anaesthetic to do so. The nurse we saw at this appointment also thinks he has tummy issues and chased up our Paediatric Appointment. We have a date… 22nd September. So a fair wait but I just hope it is productive when it does come around. We already feel like we have been thrown from pillar to post. Fingers crossed!



Fraser is now drinking 8oz bottles every 4 hours. He has 4 in  day and sleeps 10-12 hours through the night!! How marvellous is that?! We are so very blessed to have had 3 children who sleep well.


Last Friday at 17 weeks exactly he weighed 17b 12oz. So he has gained which is good as he had started to lose weight. He is on 95th percentile and is doing really well weight wise. He is now mostly in 6-9 month clothing too! The 3-6  months wardrobe is getting a bit snug.



There are a few toys that he has taken a shine to. A rattle giraffe that he can get his chubby little hand around and shake the life out of.  A playmat/gym that has entertained all 3 of our children now. It is 15 years old now and still in fab condition! I didn’t realise we still had it until Ed was up in the loft not long after Bubs was born. He loves having a sleep on there as well as batting all the hanging toys around!



Frasers personality is really starting to shine through. He’s such a happy smiley bubba. He honestly brings such joy! We have had  one successful roll over from back to belly and he keeps trying bless him but gets frustrated when the arm underneath him gets in the way. The voice has been found too! Lots and lots of screeching and shouting! It is most amusing!


The teething has started too so we should take out shares in Bonjela and Dentinox gel as well as Muslin cloths and bibs!! Fraser is a dribble monster! His hands are always in his mouth! Nom nom!


So Fraser is doing really well, he is a happy chappy and brings lots of love and laughter to our lives!! I’m thinking ahead already to christmas and thinking that he may be crawling by then and the christmas tree may sound more time on the deck than upright and it will be a game of pull the baubles off the tree! Haha! I cannot wait! Baby’s first christmas! So exciting!!


Check back next month for our 5 Month update!!

17 thoughts on “Baby is 4 Months Old

  1. I really hope that you get some good news from your hospital appointment next month! That’s great news that he’s putting on weight and sleeping so well, I wish I could sleep that long x

  2. I’m actually jealous of how long he sleeps! I wish my puppy slept for that long! I hope you guys have some wonderful news next month are your appointment. Looking at his cutie patootie face I hope there will be good news to come for you guys!

  3. It sounds like Fraser is doing so well! And he is so handsome 🙂 I hope his Paediatric Appointment goes well and his tummy issues and colic/reflux and tongue/lip tie all get looked at 🙂 it’s amazing that is is such a good sleeper too 🙂

  4. What a super cute baby. Autism is certainly an interesting disorder to manage. I have worked with doctors in Canada who are brilliant at managing autism and I learnt so much. The resources here aren’t perfect, but they are in abundance.

  5. Emily (@amummytoo) says:

    He’s so cute, his eyes are stunning! Glad to hear here’s doing well and good luck with the appointment!

  6. He is such a beautiful little chunk. So sorry to hear your still having problems with his colic/reflux. At 16 weeks we’re still in 0-3 clothing! lol. x

  7. Wow to the sleeping! My toddler is 2 and half and only just started sleeping but not for that long. This is a lovely way to keep track of milestones. I hope the appointment goes well on 22nd

  8. I don’t know what type of resources are available for you. I know in Toronto it’s very progressive. He`s adorable and I hope you`re able to manage and teach him how to manage autism or find the resources you require in the future.

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