Biggest Shock EVER

September the 15th….. enough was enough. I had been feeling awful for a good couple of weeks. It was time to give in, time to call the doctors!!

The horrific pains in my boobs actually had me in tears…. I couldn’t even take my bra off. I was sleeping constantly, actually couldn’t get enough sleep. I kept feeling like I had an upset tummy. I needed answers!!

Spoke to doc initially on the phone and he told me to come in and see him and bring a urine sample. I didn’t think anything of it…. I was on the pill and had been for 2 years. Never missed a single one. I just thought maybe he would check for a urine infection or something?

He told me when i arrived that he would get a pregnancy test out of the way. I didn’t even flinch at that as I knew I was covered by the pill…. just thought it was something they had to rule out.

He stood with his back to me, armed with a pipette full of my wee…. releasing drops onto a pregnancy test. Almost immediately he turned his head and asked again if I was on the pill, I responded Yes…. he then asked me which one so I answered him. He then asked if I had ever missed any? I replied with a very confident NO! The next words that came out of his mouth knocked me for six!!

“Ok, well you are very much Pregnant!!!”


OH EM GEE!!!! HOW??? WHAT THE…..??!! SHIT!

I burst into hysterics!!! Im not sure he knew what to do! Haha! My 3 most used words that day were OH MY GOD! I truly was in shock!! I couldn’t believe it!! My children are almost 14 and almost 11!!! I drove home from the docs through tears of utter shock! I wasn’t upset I was just totally dumbfounded!!

Ok… now I had to tell Hubby! He was asleep as he works nights… I had to wake him up! He sat up in bed when he heard my sobs! His lil screwed up sleepy face looked at me and I said “I’m Pregnant!!” he said “shit how did that happen??” Then he just sat staring into space for a lil while and laid back down and went back to sleep! (The next morning when he came in from work he bounced through the door talking about stocking up on nappies and some bottle making gadget he had seen online! )

I let Ed tell the kids the following morning. Izabel cried her eyes out she was SO happy!! Xavier is also incredibly excited!! He kisses my tummy every day. It was such a wonderful response from them.

Next lot of madness running through my head was “How far along am i??” I had no periods at all on the pill so I had no way of even roughly working out how far gone I was.

Over the next couple of days I popped into my docs surgery to fill out a pregnancy pack and asked if I could be sent for a dating scan. This was all arranged quite quickly. I had piled on a few pounds over the previous months and then starting worrying that maybe I was half way through already?!

So…. scan day arrives!!! By this point I had convinced myself I was at least 15 weeks+…. actually no… I was 6+3 HAHA! So very wrong! The tiny lil pip on the screen measured 7mm but we managed to see the heart beat! It was so amazing! It made it more real. The shock had worn off by this point. Hubby and I were very excited!

So I am now 10+2 and suffering terribly from nausea and sickness. I never had any of this with my other 2. Its awful. Ive lost almost a stone and a half so far so its dropping off me everywhere except for my tummy. I look much further along than I am.

I feel terrible, exhausted, sick, I can sleep for England! Its been so long since I was last pregnant but I just don’t remember ever feeling this awful before! Hopefully this phase will pass soon and I will be able to function again.

I know it will all be worth it in the end. This is going to be one VERY loved baby.


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