Date – Day 4 – #Blogtober17


Day 4 of #Blogtober17 and todays prompt is Date. You can read my other entries so far in the Blog challenge here.



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Please excuse the quality of the photo! This was mine and Eds first picture together I think. A couple of months into our relationship. Back in December 2001!!! Yes next week we have been together for sixteen years! Wow thats like… forever! 😀 We have had, like most people do, lots of ups and downs and lots of happy and sad times, lots of rows but here we are SIXTEEN years down the line…. still together, still in love and still going strong. We will be renewing our vows next year on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I can’t wait!

Anyway back to the prompt in question…. DATE!

married, years, date night

I want to go on a DATE with my Husband. I cannot honestly remember the last time we did! In fact I don’t think we have ever been on one other than our first date which is when we got together! Before this year is out I want a Date Night with Ed. I think we need some us time. Some uninterrupted adult conversation without CBeebies or Disney Junior blaring in the background. Without having to make a bottle. Without having to tell the older two kids to stop arguing. I long for some me and Hubby time. Him not at work, me not surrounded by kids or pots and pans or piles of washing.

I want to walk along with him and hold his hand. I want to look into his eyes over  dinner table and have proper conversations. I want to snuggle up next to him and watch a film.

I love this man so very much!!


So Edward!! Where we going on our date?? x





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  1. Lovely. We rarely have dates these days. Usually a make shift one at home, which gets promptly interrupted often.

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