All About Me – Day 1- #Blogtober17

This month I am joining in on a blog challenge! Blogtober 2017. I will blog every day for a whole month! Today is Day 1 and the subject is “All About Me”.

So here goes!!

blogtober17, all about me

I am Lucie, a 38 year old mother of 3 and Wife to Ed! Married for 9 years… together for almost 16 years!! ย We live in West Sussex. My beautiful children are Izzy, almost 15, Xavier is 11 and Fraser is 5 months old.

I am 2nd oldest of 4 girls! Yes! Three sisters! It was MURDER growing up haha! Mum & Dad have been married for 42 years. ย Dad sadly has been diagnosed with Alzheimers so very tough times ahead for all of us. This makes me so so sad.

I started writing my blog 4 and a half years ago when I was going through struggles with the education system with Xavier who is Autistic. After two mainstream schools failed him he is now in the most amazing Special Needs School and thriving. I love writing. I really wish I had discovered Blogging sooner! There is the most amazing community of people that comes with the blogging world! So friendly and helpful. I have made lots of friends through this too and met some real lovely people.


Other things I love to do…. enter competitions! I have been a little slack lately but this has been my hobby for almost 12 years now! I have won some amazing prizes in that time. A trip to New York in 2007 and a trip to Dubai in 2012 are by far my two best ever wins! Just incredible! I have won so many lovely things that I have been able to gift to family and friends that I wouldn’t be able to afford. Cameras, mobiles, iPads, toys, vouchers, an american fridge freezer, microwave… the list really is endless. I also got the chance to meet David Beckham 7 years ago through competitions! A fellow comper won the chance but couldn’t go so let me go instead! I was beside myself. Very beautiful and very lovely man! Below is Ed and I in New York on our prize trip!

New York, competition, winner

I also love football!! My daughter does too! She played league football for 6 years but sadly at the end of last season her team folded so I am now lost on Sundays. I used to love watching her play. We are the football fans and the males in the house aren’t fussed! Not sure about Fraser yet! Hopefully he will be a footballer.


I love my family, I love to cook, I love reading books but I don’t seem to have the time to do that anymore. Same with drawing. I used to do a lot of that but don’t have spare time these days! Haha! The joys of motherhood! Something else I really enjoy is listening to music. I don’t do it often enough. It is so therapeutic.


all about me, blog challenge, family,


I will openly admit to suffering from Depression on and off for most of my adult life. I’m currently on a bit of a downwards spiral with Post Natal Depression but fighting it hard. Writing this blog helps me so much. Writing in general I find a massive help, it is a great release. It should be spoken about and not be a taboo subject.


So this is me! Mum, cook, cleaner, cuddler, wifey, daughter, sister, referee, taxi service, slightly crazy, life loving, blog writing Lucie!





20 thoughts on “All About Me – Day 1- #Blogtober17

  1. Oh wow to all the comps you’ve won!I went through a phase of entering a lot all the time but sadly I never won anything and got a bit disillusioned with it, I still do the odd few.You never know!I had post natal depression and it’s hard isn’t it.Keep fighting lovely x #Blogtober17

    • Thank You! The comping takes a lot of effort but it’s great when you do win. There seems to be millions of people entering now which makes it harder xx

  2. Oh my goodness those are amazing prizes to win. I don’t think I’ve ever won anything! Love that your girl and you are the footie supporters. My man doesn’t know a thing about football at all bless. #blogtober17

  3. I am so sorry about your dad…Sending love and hugs.
    Well done on all the comp wins….I used to enter loads but have slacked this year.
    Lovely to read more about you! Good luck with Blogotber17 x

  4. Hi lovely, great post. So sorry to hear about your Dad and your downward spiral with PND I really hope the world seems a little brighter soon for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  5. My nephew is a Fraiser too! Its a cute name! I love that you’ve had so many amazing experiences through competitions! I always think I won’t win anything so don’t bother!

  6. I love the competition bit – I am the person who never enters because โ€œno one ever winsโ€ but now I am converted! Watch this space. (My cheese/onion crisp partner)

  7. aww poor Izzy what a shame about her football team maybe the community or the team she was in could try and work something out again. Any sort of depression is hard Lucie but you are doing a great job keep fighting and writing xxx

  8. Who doesn’t love entering competitions. hehe , its so great that we get to learn more about everyone taking part in #Blogtober17 like an ice breaker really x x

  9. Thankyou for joining in #Blogtober17 and providing so many baby spams pics of Fraser on social media, he is so damn cute! I used to love entering competitions, but haven’t done any for ages, must start doing that again, although commenting on all these wonderful blogs that have linked up, I think I may be too busy in October!!

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