Heading into GCSE Territory

So our beautiful eldest and only daughter, almost 15 years old,  is heading into GCSE territory… about to start back in Year 10! Where the real hard work begins. Options are chosen and the next 2 years will probably be quite stressful at times. She’s panicking already!

“Mum!! We have to learn and remember 15 different poems!”

Wow! I don’t envy her at all. I was rubbish at learning! I was rubbish at school. My GCSE results reflected that, I wasn’t interested in school and I fully regret not paying more attention and knuckling down. I have since studied a few courses and really enjoyed them but I suppose the difference being as an adult student I have chosen what subjects I want to learn about. She has chosen her three options for GCSE and they are Art, P.E and French. She is feeling the pressure already and they aren’t even back to school yet! I think there is a lot of pressure on the kids these days but as I have said to Izzy, as long as she does her best then I will be proud of her as you can’t do any better than that.


I’ve recently found out about Education Quizzes! This is a site with quizzes for ALL children of all ages. The quizzes are aimed at all key stages including GCSE and can aid revision too which I think is a fantastic idea! The quizzes are actually written by teachers and the main objective is to help children to be successful at school. I will be sharing this with Izabel as she is petrified of revision and being able to remember everything she needs to. I will help her as much as I can as will her Dad, but anything that can make the process fun in anyway has to be a bonus. I wish they had these kinds of things around when I took my exams 20+ years ago! Gosh that makes me feel so old!!


She has just under 2 years until the main GCSEs take place but will have mock exams before that. I just want her to have confidence in herself and her abilities as she is incredibly bright and talented and I know that she will do well and will go very far in whatever direction she chooses to take!


Art work credit to Izzy Aiston.

9 thoughts on “Heading into GCSE Territory

  1. I have to pick high schools this year, i thought that was nerve wrecking….hadnt thought about what comes next.
    Im heading to educational quizzes now to check it out for my lot, thanks xxxxx

  2. mycircleuk says:

    Oh I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed by GCSEs and what they could or couldn’t mean for the rest of my life! But your daughter has you supporting her the whole way through, with you reminding her that she is bright and talented – and that will always lift and boost her x

  3. mycircleuk says:

    Oh I remember the overwhelming feeling of GCSEs and what they could / couldn’t mean for the rest of my life. But your daughter has you supporting her and reminding her that she is bright and talented. And that will give her the boost and confidence to know she can accomplish amazing things x

  4. randommusings29 says:

    it feels so overwhelming at the time and its not until much later you see that they really aren’t all that important once you’ve been out of school for a few years. Just tell her to her best and not to worry too much

  5. We are not at that stage yet, but my kids walk passed their secondary school whenever we go into town. They keeps saying they really want to go there. Honestly, not having GCSE is not the end of the world, there are other paths that can takes you further in University and in life. There is no need to panic, doing their best at what she enjoys is always the best. xx

  6. Your daughter’s artwork is amazing! Great idea about education quizzes- lots of teenagers learn really well that way. Best of luck to her over the next two years.

  7. GCSEs are just the pits. They don’t measure anything except how much you can remember. So glad you have found those quizzes. Remember to tell her (and yourself) that these results are not the be al and end all and nor do they define her or your parenting! X

  8. I bet it comes so fast! I was saying the other day that I can’t believe mine is going into year2, it seems 2 mins ago he started! Good luck to her, and you!

  9. I really don’t like exams. I think they are really unfair and unnecessary. The idea of them makes a lot of people really nervous which may affect their results. To me, coursework is much fairer. I’m sure as long as your daughter tries her best and she knows she has your support she will be fine. ?

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