Goals – Day 7 – #Blogtober17

goals, life, writing

Day 7 of #Blogtober17 and todays prompt is Goals! I am so proud of myself for completing a week of this challenge so far, I really needed a kick up the bum for upping my game and I wanted to blog more often and this has really spurred me on to do so and I have found some fabulous other blogs to read in the process!


I think most people have life goals. Life goals, a bucket list, things to do before you’re 40/50 etc. I don’t have a Bucket List as such but there are Goals I want to achieve in my life. I love writing and I want to make it my career. I want to earn a living from it. How many people can say that their job is something they adore and so they can do it for a living? Getting paid to do something you love… what an awesome thought. I really want to get into freelance work too and to carry on with blogging. If I can do that it will make me a very happy Lucie!

Other than work I do have other goals. I will list a few here:

1. Get a half sleeve tattoo. Something I have wanted now for many many years and I know it is something that will take a while but it is something I really want to achieve.

2. See more of America. I was lucky enough to win a trip to New York ten years ago and fell in love with it. I would definitely go back there but I would love to see more of the States.

3. To go to the Theatre. I have for many years longed to see a show in the West End. Never been but I will make this happen! Maybe for my 40th in 2 years.

4. To be a great mother ALWAYS and inspire my children. I messed up at school and hated it and really regret it now. I want my kids to do the best they possibly can at everything . I want to show them that hard work gets you places in life and that things you want don’t just fall in your lap. If you want it you have to work for it.,

5. To be successful. I want to be proud of myself. I want to achieve all these things and be proud that I worked my arse off to get them.


I think it is healthy to set yourself goals. It is great to have something to aim for or work towards. Focus is something I need in my life right now as I pull myself out of my PND. Positivity is key in this and keeping myself busy. I am excited for mine and my familys future and I haven’t felt that way in a very long time.