Primary School Finished!! School Finished!!

So I officially now have two children who are of Secondary School age! WOW!   I can’t believe Xavier has finished Primary Education! Here he is on his very first day! Well when this day came we had no idea of the challenges we would face further down the line. We had no idea of the stress and heart ache. We knew absolutely nothing about Autism. I think it was.

A Mothers Love Mothers Love

My heart is fit to burst with love. I remember when I was pregnant with Izabel I was excited but scared. Will I be a good Mum? Will I be able to do my very best for her? What if I don’t know what to do and fail as a Mum? When she was born… wow! The love I felt for her instantly was incredible! Breath taking! I looked down.

An Open Letter to my sons Teacher Open Letter to my sons Teacher

This will probably be a long one and I am already emotional as I type this first line! From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Xavier in the last 15 months since he joined this wonderful school. We had such an awful fight to get him there but it honestly is the best school EVER. Even as I walk through.

What’s Going On??’s Going On??

Well…. I don’t know where to start!? Xavier has blown me away!! He is changing so much! He has been REALLY funny with food textures since he was …. well since he was tiny. When he first went onto solids he was fine, he loved his grub…. in fact, he loved it so much he would scream the place down when it was finished! Then when we moved onto small.

France 2016 2016

Car all packed up ready, excited kids, hubby and I checking and double checking that we have got everything…. Right!! Off we go! We got about 2 miles from home, just come off a roundabout which takes you onto a dual carriageway towards the M23. Car starts revving as if I have my foot to the floor, all power has died and to my horror I look out of my.

Annual Review Review

Xavier last year got a Statement of Educational Needs. This is a legal document that outlines the help and support your child needs in school/educational setting. Not long after Xavier got his statement the whole system changed and it is now called an EHCP – Education & Health Care Plan. Xavier will now be moved over to the new system. This document still outlines support needed at school but also.

It’s the Little Things’s the Little Things

……that really mean so much! Since Xavier joined his amazing new school in April his confidence has grown greatly! It really blows me away. It may only be little things to most people but they are huge to me. He can do up the buttons on his polo shirt…. he can put on his own socks… he eats ham… he actually asked me if he could try a pistachio nut.

You Know You’re an Autism Parent when…. Know You’re an Autism Parent when….

I asked this on my Facebook Page and got a fantastic response!! So I’ve compiled them into this blog post! They really did make me chuckle! You have small Velcro backed laminated pictures all over your house – but can never find the one you need Bought Dan a pair of size 15 trainers today. Guy serving said ” wow take up basketball you could be the next Michael Jordan”.

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday, with no warning at all, saw me called into school to meet with the Educational Psychologist. This is another good step in the right direction in getting Xavier a Statement. The meeting lasted 90 minutes. I was asked what my concerns were. Well my biggest concern was the fact that I have been told by school that my son isn’t really learning anything. Now school are trying to deny.