Car – Day 3 – #Blogtober17

So here we are, Day 3 of #Blogtober17 ย and todays prompt is Car! Yesterdays was Babies and the day before was All about Me!

volkswagen, bug, beetle

Beep Beep!

I got my provisional driving licence at the age of 17. I was working but didn’t have a huge wage so couldn’t afford regular driving lessons. My boyfriend at the time drove a VW Beetle! I loved it! It was such a beautiful car! I loved it more than him without a doubt. That relationship didn’t last but my love for old Volkswagens did.

I made lots of friends through this scene and we used to go away for long weekends to VW Festival type things at Santa Pod Raceway once a year. Roughing it in a tent, dancing, booze and beautiful cars! Awesome!

I needed a Beetle! I had to have one. I had to pass my driving test! When I did have them I did love my driving lessons. I had and failed FOUR… yes FOUR driving tests! I felt confident driving, I knew I was ready for my tests but as soon as my instructor got out of the car and an examiner got in I went to pieces. I was sick beforehand I was that nervous. A complete mess!


VW, Vintage, driving,

So somewhere along the line in-between all these failed driving tests I actually bought my first car! The car I had wanted! I bought myself a VW Rustbucket… sorry I mean Beetle! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was a grass green colour with a double bright yellow racing stripe going all the way from the deck lid all the way over the roof and down the bonnet. Not forgetting the rust patches! HAHA! I loved it with all my heart! I even had a nodding Shaun the Sheep on the parcel shelf. It didn’t break down on me once. It was awesome! My 1970 Beetle.


So on the 23rd May 2000 on my FIFTH attempt … I PASSED!!! YAY! I was now free to drive my awesome car around wherever and whenever I liked! I was ecstatic. I have so many fond memories of my time with that car. I have some scary ones too… like the time I drove down to Brighton in torrential rain and my windscreen wipers were about as fast as a snail on a go slow! I couldn’t see past the end of the bonnet and it was dark! It was scary scary stuff!


Camper Van, bus


I’d love another beetle although I think more appropriate these days with my little tribe in tow would be another one of my loves from the VW family! A split screen camper van! I’m not sure my kids would approve but I would love us to have one of these. My current car is more “practical” … a Vauxhall Mum Bus!! (Zafira) … so for now I will be practical and sensible Mum! I have had my licence 17 years and NEVER been pulled over, caught speeding, been in an accident (touch wood) or anything and I am really proud of that. I am the driver as Ed doesn’t drive. I have even driven to France twice!


What was your first car?