An Open Letter to Irresponsible Dog Owners!

My next door neighbours are exactly this! Irresponsible dog owners!


Three whole years ago they moved in next door. So its been three whole years now that we have had to listen to this awful sound. The awful sound is that of a dog that is abandoned all day long whilst these people work! Barking!!! Hours and hours of barking. It is enough to drive you half crazy! So Monday to Friday roughly 8.30 am to 3.30-4pm the dog is on its own. On the odd occasion (this is rare!) someone pops in to let the dog out for a wee but it is literally once in a blue moon.


Why the hell would you buy a dog when you aren’t able to give it the love and attention it needs? The dog is clearly distressed to be barking for long lengths of time. It isn’t fair on the animal! They aren’t meant to be left alone all day every day!  The poor thing must be bored shitless and lonely. I do feel for it. BUT I have to listen to that constant barking. It is incredibly annoying. My tele needs to be turned up to a stupid volume to drown it out. This evening though was pretty much the last straw….


8.30pm I put the baby down to sleep. We are in a good routine so this is pretty much give or take an hour, his usual bedtime. 8.45pm the dog starts barking. I didn’t think much off it and thought they’d see to it shortly and it will stop. No…. I looked out the window and their car was not on the drive. They were out. They are entitled to go out. The poor thing carried on barking…. and is still barking now at 10.25pm as I type this. Also it woke my baby up and he has only just gone off to sleep. Normally once he is down for the night we do not hear a peep until morning. So when the barking is STILL going on at half past ten at night it is a problem. I have 3 children trying to sleep. I am cross!


Please people. For the sake of the animal… think it through before you buy a dog. Have the time to spend with it. Be able to walk it often. Clean up after it…. god thats a another rant entirely. Love it, care for it and you will get all that back in abundance.  Do not leave it on its own daily for hours and hours on end on a daily basis. It is not fair on the dogs and it is not fair on your neighbours and your neighbours children who have to listen to it bark for hours on end.

It is distressing for all concerned except you who appear to be completely oblivious!!