Who are you to Judge??

Be warned…. this may get a little ranty!!!

Who are you to judge the lady whose little boy fell into the enclosure with the gorilla? Do you literally have your eyes stuck to your child every single second of every single day?? How shit do you think that lady is feeling? How about the the enclosure should have been more secure so a child wasn’t able to get through? How about stop judging unless you are the worlds most perfect parent who has never made any mistakes and your child is impeccably behaved and has never left your side for a single moment and given you that heart in throat moment? How about animals shouldn’t be locked up in zoos, they should be free in the wild where they belong?

Who are you to judge the “weirdo” walking down the street talking to himself? There you are laughing and pointing. How about he has mental health issues and that person in their head who they are talking to is their only friend? How about they have been bullied all their life for being a little bit different? You don’t know them, their life or what they have to deal with on a daily basis!!

Who are you to judge me (or anyone else who does the same) for trying to earn a living and build a stable future for my family? I post on social media promoting products I’m passionate about, products that have helped me and my children. What I do is not a scam. I’m not the type of person to get involved in scams or pyramid schemes. I’m not going to promote dodgy products to friends and family. I love what i do yet get so much grief for doing it! The people who do judge funnily enough no NOTHING about what i do yet are quick to throw uneducated opinions around about it. It won’t stop me. In fact it makes me want to push on harder and harder to prove all the haters wrong.

There was one situation recently and I won’t go into detail but I judged a situation with a friend and took action to try and help that person and it got thrown back in my face so I won’t be doing it again. I didn’t hurt that person, in fact I thought I was doing them a favour as I care about them but I was so very wrong!! I’ve learnt from it now though and will never be making that mistake again!

We are all entitled to opinions but i think really so many people need to know when to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves. I don’t think they realise the impact they can have on someone. Words can hurt and really send people into a downward spiral. Words can make a situation so much worse than it needs to be. Words can be downright nasty.

Just think…. next time… before you open your mouth or type something…. THINK…

think how your words are going to impact things.

Maybe just keep those opinions to yourself.