The Parenting Struggle is Real!

Today…. it really is! Today I cannot win at parenting. I feel like its all out of my control. That makes me feel shit. I really am not one for making out my life is perfect. It is far from being doused in the smell of roses!! I generally am a happy person, very laid back and quite care free. But today I do care, today I am not feeling.

Top Must-Haves for New Parents Must-Haves for New Parents

Must have items for when you have a new baby?? What would be top of your list?? It’s not cheap this parenting malarkey but I think there are certain things that really do need to be bought to help out!! I asked some lovely bloggers their thoughts plus have added my own in too…. “Ours is the Snuza Hero Monitor as our second son has silent reflux which causes apnea..

The First 3 Months First 3 Months

My word…. it goes so quickly doesn’t it!!? These first 3 months have flown by! Fraser hasn’t had the easiest of starts but has still been an absolute dream. He was sleeping 4-5 hours a night from a week old. I, as most parents really love my sleep so have cherished this enormously! We have really been blessed in that respect as our older two children were also very good.

MyHummy – The Humming Bear Review – The Humming Bear Review

MyHummy is a God Send!! I’m sure that anyone who has one would agree!! A cute and cuddly teddy that actually sends your baby to sleep? Genius! Now… as a rule Fraser is a pretty good sleeper but we are only human and have the odd wobbly bedtime, especially after injections and things like that. He has just started teething too so I’m sure there will be a few more.

Bumbo Changing Pad Review Changing Pad Review

Bumbo got in touch with us to see if we wanted to do a review of their Changing Pad, obviously we were happy to oblige! These looked GREAT! The Pad is comfortable and soft and it is contoured. The sides are raised too which helps when baby gets to that “I’m gonna roll over” stage! Another plus to help this stage is the strap to hold them in place which.

A Mothers Love Mothers Love

My heart is fit to burst with love. I remember when I was pregnant with Izabel I was excited but scared. Will I be a good Mum? Will I be able to do my very best for her? What if I don’t know what to do and fail as a Mum? When she was born… wow! The love I felt for her instantly was incredible! Breath taking! I looked down.

What’s Going On??’s Going On??

Well…. I don’t know where to start!? Xavier has blown me away!! He is changing so much! He has been REALLY funny with food textures since he was …. well since he was tiny. When he first went onto solids he was fine, he loved his grub…. in fact, he loved it so much he would scream the place down when it was finished! Then when we moved onto small.

Who are you to Judge?? are you to Judge??

Be warned…. this may get a little ranty!!! Who are you to judge the lady whose little boy fell into the enclosure with the gorilla? Do you literally have your eyes stuck to your child every single second of every single day?? How shit do you think that lady is feeling? How about the the enclosure should have been more secure so a child wasn’t able to get through? How.

You Know You’re an Autism Parent when…. Know You’re an Autism Parent when….

I asked this on my Facebook Page and got a fantastic response!! So I’ve compiled them into this blog post! They really did make me chuckle! You have small Velcro backed laminated pictures all over your house – but can never find the one you need Bought Dan a pair of size 15 trainers today. Guy serving said ” wow take up basketball you could be the next Michael Jordan”.