My Girl & Football

This girl…. my girl!

So proud of her!

When still in Primary School and just before her 10th Birthday, she was at an after school football club… someone was there from the local football club and picked her out afterwards and said they are looking for players to join the girls team and would she like to come along to a training session?! She had only ever played football over the road from our house on the little green with the children in the street. We were all very excited!

She went along to the training session and obviously impressed the coach as a couple of days later I had a call to say they wanted to sign her up! WOW!

So paperwork done ad she was officially a player for Crawley Town Girls U11s team! She is about to embark on the new season in September as an U15 player! Where does the time go?!

A couple of weeks ago we had the girls End of Season Presentation afternoon! The girls had a new coach at the beginning of last season and after a massive confidence drop he has helped her build that back up! He believes in her! When he called out her name for Managers Player Award at Presentation Afternoon she was gobsmacked!! I could have popped I was so proud!! She has come so far in 4 years. She loves the game so much, all the team have an amazing bond! They are amazing to watch!!

She has quite a collection of trophies now but this one I think means a great deal to her! She has some from Tournaments over the years, others from presentation evenings and league and cup winners and runners up trophies and medals! When she got home from presentation afternoon she sat and polished them all! They now have pride of place on my new sideboard!

I love supporting her, I love watching her play and grow! I am a massive footy fan anyway so to be able to watch my daughter play is awesome!! Long may it continue! She dreams of England Ladies! I told her if she works hard anything is possible!

She is about 5ft 9in and has size 8.5 football boots!! I should have shares in Adidas and Nike with the amount of football boots and Astro boots we have had to buy in the last 4 years!! Hopefully her feet won’t grow too much more! Bring on next season!! I cannot wait!!!


What’s Going On??

Well…. I don’t know where to start!?

Xavier has blown me away!! He is changing so much!

He has been REALLY funny with food textures since he was …. well since he was tiny.

When he first went onto solids he was fine, he loved his grub…. in fact, he loved it so much he would scream the place down when it was finished!

Then when we moved onto small lumps in his food he really struggled and used to heave quite a lot and choked on his food a fair few times as he just couldn’t seem to handle the “bits”. Obviously back then we had no idea about the Autism.

Recently he has been a lot more inquisitive about foods I’ve been cooking. I make a lot of meals from scratch and he seems to want to try things which he never used to. He never used to eat ANY meats apart from mince, sausages or burgers. Other than that he was pretty much a veg eating monster (which is not a bad thing!!).

There was literally a handful of home made meals i could cook that everyone would eat, other than that I have been cooking 2 or 3 different meals a night which is just a nightmare.

I remember a year or so ago I had cooked a half leg of lamb in the slow cooker. Its so tender it literally falls of the bone. One of my favorites! I was carving the meat and he asked what it was and asked to try a bit. So when i had picked my jaw up off the floor I let him try some. He wasn’t keen but didn’t make a fuss and instead of running to the bin to spit it out he ate it and said no thanks. So often he would have a roast and all the trimmings but minus the meat.

Last week was my Mums birthday and Mum and Dad put on a BBQ. Now we know burgers are a safe bet. Xavier loves a burger!! So he had a cheeseburger and some of the other crisps and bits and bobs that were available. Towards the end of the BBQ he wandered into the dining room where all the food was and came back into the garden with a chicken drumstick in his hand!! He tucked in and finished it! I nearly fell off my chair!!!

I HAD to take a photo!!! See! He ate chicken!! 😀 Yes this really is a big deal!

But wait…. it doesn’t end there…

Sunday (19th June) we went to visit my parents first to see Dad for fathers day! Spent a few hours there then went on to Mum in Laws to see Father in Law. Mum in law had said previously she was going to cook us a dinner. I LOVE someone else cooking for me! She does a great job too! So she slaved away over a roast! She cooked a roast beef dinner… as she knows what Xavier is normally like with meat she done him a couple of sausages instead. She by chance asked him when dishing up if he wanted a little bit of beef to try on his plate (both of us thinking he would say no) and he agreed!!! He tried the beef, loved it and asked for more!!!! Blown away doesn’t cover it!! So so amazed!!

There’s more…. YES REALLY!!!

Tonight for dinner I was undecided. I had some salmon to use up that none else likes so I cooked up Pulled Pork and done fries and coleslaw with it for Ed, and both the kids. Again this is something Xavier has never eaten before! I put it on his plate unsure of what his reaction would be. Ed and the kids sat at the table to eat whilst I sorted my dinner out. I turned round to check what he was doing with his dinner and his plate was almost empty! He did finish the whole lot and there was hardly a speck left on his plate!! He loved it!!!

What is going on??!!! This is INCREDIBLE!!! He has changed so much with his eating habits. It’s brilliant! It makes my life as cook so much easier too!! I am so very proud!

Well done Xavier!! I did mention to him that eating all these great new foods would put hairs on his chest!! In true Autism style I then caught him looking down his top!!! HA!!