What’s For Dinner? Slow Cooked Half Leg of Lamb

Who doesn’t love a roast dinner on a Sunday?


Slow cooked Lamb

Lamb is my absolute favourite. I don’t cook it very often as it is expensive but with a family of fairly fussy eaters this is something I can cook that everyone will eat. This is another simple recipe! It’s the rest of the roast dinner that seems to take all the hard work.


Ingredients needed:

Half a leg of lamb

1 teaspoon of Bisto Lamb Gravy granules

1 teaspoon of Mint Sauce

1 mug of boiling water.



So…. dust off that Slow Cooker. You need to put the lamb into the slow cooker. Boil the kettle and add one teaspoon of Bisto Lamb gravy granules and one teaspoon of mint sauce into a mug. Fill the mug to the top with boiling water and stir. Pour all over the lamb in the slow cooker and put the lid on.



Put on High for 4 hours or Low of 8 hours and turn half way through if possible. The lamb will be moist and falling off the bone when ready. It is so beautiful! Serve with all the favourite Roast dinner trimmings and your mouth will love you forever.  It is such an easy recipe and so delicious!



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