Goals – Day 7 – #Blogtober17

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Day 7 of #Blogtober17 and todays prompt is Goals! I am so proud of myself for completing a week of this challenge so far, I really needed a kick up the bum for upping my game and I wanted to blog more often and this has really spurred me on to do so and I have found some fabulous other blogs to read in the process!


I think most people have life goals. Life goals, a bucket list, things to do before you’re 40/50 etc. I don’t have a Bucket List as such but there are Goals I want to achieve in my life. I love writing and I want to make it my career. I want to earn a living from it. How many people can say that their job is something they adore and so they can do it for a living? Getting paid to do something you love… what an awesome thought. I really want to get into freelance work too and to carry on with blogging. If I can do that it will make me a very happy Lucie!

Other than work I do have other goals. I will list a few here:

1. Get a half sleeve tattoo. Something I have wanted now for many many years and I know it is something that will take a while but it is something I really want to achieve.

2. See more of America. I was lucky enough to win a trip to New York ten years ago and fell in love with it. I would definitely go back there but I would love to see more of the States.

3. To go to the Theatre. I have for many years longed to see a show in the West End. Never been but I will make this happen! Maybe for my 40th in 2 years.

4. To be a great mother ALWAYS and inspire my children. I messed up at school and hated it and really regret it now. I want my kids to do the best they possibly can at everything . I want to show them that hard work gets you places in life and that things you want don’t just fall in your lap. If you want it you have to work for it.,

5. To be successful. I want to be proud of myself. I want to achieve all these things and be proud that I worked my arse off to get them.


I think it is healthy to set yourself goals. It is great to have something to aim for or work towards. Focus is something I need in my life right now as I pull myself out of my PND. Positivity is key in this and keeping myself busy. I am excited for mine and my familys future and I haven’t felt that way in a very long time.




Hauck Roma Pushchair Review – Kiddies Kingdom

Excitingly, we were contacted by Kiddies Kingdom to ask if we would like to review a pushchair! How could we possibly say no?!


Obviously we already have a pram/pushchair that we bought just before Fraser was born, which we love but it is very bulky and heavy. The Hauck Roma that we have been asked to review is more of a stroller pushchair.

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The pushchair comes boxed complete apart from the 2 front wheels and hood that need attaching. Both are incredibly simple to do. The front wheel spools have protectors on which easily pop off and the wheels just push on and then click when secure.

My first impressions when the Roma was taken out of the box was an immediate love for the kiwi and midnight colours. A really lovely combination.

The frame is lightweight compared to the pram/pushchair that I already have. Even with the weight difference it is very sturdy. It is also really easy to push. The front wheels have the option of being set to just forward or swivel.

This buggy folds down to a nice compact size and even has a handle to make it easy to carry! It’s so handy and I’m sure would fit in the boot of most cars! When folded there is a clip that holds it together in this position.

pushchair, lightweight

roma, hauck

Fraser was very intrigued when I sat him in his new wheels for the first time! He was looking around!

stroller, lightweight

The 5 point harness is fab and the clip to undo it is really easy to open (also comparing to my pushchair) but not too easy. Plus padding on the straps so they don’t rub against little ones neck. All straps are very easy to adjust as well.

baby, travel

Another handy feature of this pushchair is a nice sized, handy pocket on the back of the hood, great for chucking a spare dummy in or your purse for a walk to the shops.


The brakes on this buggy are so simple to use. You simply press down on the tab until it clicks against the wheels and this can be done from either side. Then reverse the process to release the brake.

folding down, compact

This tab that is central between the wheels at the back is a part of the folding down and opening process. So when you want to fold down the buggy you will lift this tab upwards, then there is a tab sticking out on the right hand side of the frame that you have to push down on and the whole thing will fold down. Then as before reverse the process when opening up the buggy and it will click into place when fully opened.



One of the things that did concern me was the handle height. Hubby is 6ft 4 and I am 5ft 11. I had visions of us being hunched over pushing this buggy but that is not the case at all. The handles are a perfect height. They are not adjustable but just perfect for us. They are foam covered so super comfortable to grip too.


The toggle underneath the seat is how you adjust the seating position. Hold in the button in the toggle and pull down on the strap and push the toggle upwards for an upright seating position. Then you would need to press the button in and pull the toggle downwards to lay the seat flat. This is suitable from birth as it does lay completely flat. As you can also see from the picture that the shopping basket underneath is a fabulous size.

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Overall we really love this stroller. It is so handy, convenient, lightweight and looks great! The ONLY downside to it is that it doesn’t come with a rain cover which is a little annoying but they are cheap enough to buy.


Looking for some new wheels for your little one? There are great pushchairs for sale at Kiddies Kingdom!


We were sent this pushchair to review. All thoughts and opinion are honest and my own.