Two Birds with One Stone

Two Birds with one stone…. clear out the unwanted stuff and make some money doing so!

For AGES…. OK, years…. I have been meaning to have a good old clear out. I have so much clutter/junk/unwanted items laying around the house that is taking up valuable space.

I’ve been so far just sorting through the clothes that Fraser has grown out of! I cannot believe the amount of clothing this boy has!! It really is crazy! So many beautiful clothes! So many in fact that he probably only wore everything once! The mountains of newborn and 0-3 month clothes actually hid my dining table for a good week! Not started on the 3-6 months clothes yet! He is just about still in 6-9 months but some 9-12 month items fit him already! He will be  5 months old in a matter of days! He really is a chunky monkey!

I tried listing a few things on local Facebook selling pages but that didn’t go well at all! So I decided to give eBay a go.


So I signed up for an account and downloaded the app onto my phone. It actually was really straight forward. I got a handful of items together, took some pictures and got ready for listing.  When you first join eBay you are allowed to list 10 items per month, that is then reviewed once you have 10 positive feedback as a seller. It is a little annoying when you have enough clothes to fill a supermarket twice over but I do understand why they do it!


I listed my 10 items for 7 days and found it really really easy and quick to do. They give you an guide starting price on each listing which is really helpful so I went with their suggestion on all my listings. Once all ten listings were done and live I found myself slightly obsessively checking for watchers and bids!

Over the course of the 7 days of selling my first ten items, sales went really well. I used the Auction option rather than the Buy It Now option. I managed to sell 8 of those items listed. Fantastic!

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I posted all my items off promptly once I had received payment for them. The app is great for this part too. It sends you a notification once someone had made payment.

So that is my total for successfully selling 8 items. I am so happy with that! There are so many things going on that we could do with extra money for at the moment. Oldest will be off to New York with school in Feb ’19, its also her 15th birthday 6 weeks before christmas! Then we have Christmas itself which is never cheap! Then a month after that is our middle childs 12th birthday. We really didn’t plan that well!! Haha! We are also saving for some home improvements so the perfect way to help is by clearing out unwanted goods and making space but more importantly is making money whilst doing so. Can’t wait to list my next lot. My house is going to be empty at this rate! What a wonderful thought?? A clutter free house!



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