WIN a Fisher Price Bright Beats Build a Beat Stacker Toy


We bring you yet another competition, this time is to win a Fisher Price Bright Beats Stacker Toy!

This toy is suitable from 6 Months to 3 years old.


This competition is to celebrate the fact I have just officially started my christmas shopping! Yes the C word, I do apologise! I just want to be prepared for a change and not have to leave it all to the last minute like I do every other year and get really stressed out! This year I WILL be organised! Have any of you started your shopping yet?

Fraser will be just under 8 months old when Christmas comes around. It is possible he will be crawling by then…. I have visions of the christmas tree being pulled over and finding baubles everywhere! Awww I cannot wait. Babys first Christmas! So exciting. Need to buy another Stocking so that Father Christmas can leave Fraser some goodies too along side his brother and sister! He can eat Christmas Dinner too by then! YAY


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Product Description:

Let’s boogie, baby. Your little one willow stacking our adorable boogie characters to hear upbeat music and see dancing lights in the base. Start out in stack a song mode. When baby pushes down on the base with any of the boogie buddies, your little one is rewarded with dancing lights, and instrumental songs. In build-a-beat mode. each time baby adds a boogie and presses down, they’ll be layering up cool sounds. Take musical fun to great heights with bright beats build -a-beat stacker!

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All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this amazing toy is follow the steps in the widget below! Good Luck everyone!


Fisher Price Bright Beats Toy Giveaway





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201 thoughts on “WIN a Fisher Price Bright Beats Build a Beat Stacker Toy

  1. Gemma Huelin says:

    Polly pockets were my favourite and I remember one Christmas when I caught my mum out putting it on the end of my pillow.

  2. Carla Mooney says:

    I had a teddy called bingo you presses his hand and spoke and it recorded what you said and when you played it back his heart flashed. I loved it

  3. Kelly White says:

    I had a fisher price stovetop and sink, the sink actually worked if you put water in, I though tit was he best thing in the world!

  4. Chris Bull @sparky61 says:

    A walking & Talking doll with ringlets which were so hard to comb but I loved her so much πŸ™‚

  5. Lindy Hine says:

    This would be a great present for my soon to be born grandson! My favourite toy as a child was a Dolls House which my Dad made for me. It was perfect down to the tiniest detail and even had wallpaper on the walls and carpet on the floors.

  6. This would be perfect for my soon to be born baby Grandson. My favourite toy as a child was a Dolls House which my Dad made for me. It was perfect down to the tiniest detail and even had wallpaper on the walls and carpet on the floors.

  7. Lindsey Stuart says:

    A little red metal bus toy! I used to pretend I was driving the children to school lol πŸ™‚

  8. Christine ann Wilson says:

    My lost and found dog it cryed when you fed it and it was so cute and fluffy

  9. Magdalene Drummond says:

    Tiny Tears πŸ™‚ My mums one when she was young got vandalised when she was a teenager, I think thats why I always loved my Tiny Tears so much! (she’s on a shelf now so my girls cant ruin her lol!)

  10. fay says:

    I had like the toy tree thing which turned into like a dolls house. I have no idea what it was called but I loved it!

  11. Becci says:

    I used to love Polly pockets – going to try and find some for my daughter when she’s a bit older – she’s 6 months old at the moment!

  12. Catherine Gregory says:

    My girls world! I loved just sitting brushing her hair for hours and practicing my plaits

  13. Margaret gallagher says:

    Tingling trudee doll I got for my 8th Christmas

    Had her for years even after her phone stopped ringing

  14. Oli Marshall says:

    When I was a child there no many toys around like today (it was only 80s but still πŸ™‚ …). I do distinctly remember when I was 5, my mum buying tlephons for my sister and I that were connected. We would spend hours, and I mean HOURS, sitting on the floor in differents oom and “having” a conversation πŸ™‚ . Com to think of it, the phones were brilliant toys but I havens’t seen them around yt :).

  15. Gillian Turner says:

    I had a rag doll, her name was Annie and I took her everywhere with me. She was lost on a day trip πŸ™

  16. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I had a little pink dressing table, I loved it and I’ve just got my little girl a similar one for Christmas

  17. Mark Witherington says:

    My favourite toy was my fisher price dog which had wheels on it and a long string so I could walk it, I still have it in the roof. What stand s out was that toys back then were more simple but part of the fun was using your imagination more

  18. Dawn Hull says:

    My favourite toys when I was growing up were my Sylvanian Families. I am happy that they are still popular today. I actually still have them all mine from childhood!!!

  19. I had a soft toy called a Popple, he had a backpack and when you made the backpack go inside out it formed a sleeping bag for the Popple, was very cute.

  20. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My A La Carte Kitchen although I was disappointed that I couldn’t really make my family swiss roll and beans

  21. Sue McCarthy says:

    My Mum made me a Sindy house out of large cardboard boxes we got from the supermarket. We decorated it with velour fabric for carpets, wallpaper offcuts over the walls, pictures cut out of magazines for views through the windows and it even had a roof garden.

    She also made a horse stable again from a large cardboard box. Those homemade toys were the best.

  22. amy bondoc says:

    i had a blue plastic helicopter i loved it so very much and took it everywhere with me. my cousin now has it !

  23. Alana Walker says:

    I had a toy called ‘Light’s Alive’, it was brilliant and I used to play with it every day. I wish I still had it because my kids would love it too.

  24. Tammy Westrup says:

    This looks a great prize! I too liked lights alive like someone else posted above!

  25. Josh G says:

    My Dad had a couple of toy planes handed down to him from my Grandad, I could spend hours playing with those!

  26. Helen Stratton says:

    I received a new baby doll just after the birth of my youngest brother. His name was Alexander, so I named my doll Alexandra.

  27. Jayne T says:

    Mine is lego, I would spend hours sat on the floor with my siblings making lego villages.

  28. Tina Edwards says:

    A knitted dog my mum knitted for me it was the last thing she gave me before she died suddenly I was 7 at th time

  29. Charlie Brunton says:

    I loved these little eggs in a case & then had little faces on! I have no idea what they were really for but I loved them!

  30. Ursula Hunt says:

    My favourite toy was a teddy bear I called Pollyanna. When the troubles broke out again in Ireland we had to leave in a hurry as I was threatened for playing with a child of anther religion. We arrived in the UK and all my toys were left behind. She arrived in a black bag from a well-wisher, she was bald and had only one arm but i loved her to death for the rest of my childhood

  31. Angie McDonald says:

    Mine has to be my Furby! My parents bought me a special edition Christmas one with a santa hat! It was amazing and even though it kept waking me up (When i turned over as it had a motion sensor) he sat on my bedside table for years!

  32. fiona waterworth says:

    I loved weebles, and now that they are back its a great reminder of my childhood

  33. Danielle Spencer says:

    I collected and played with my Sylvanian families when I was younger, my neighbour also collected them and we’d take them around to each other’s houses.

  34. Stacey Gahan says:

    I used to love playing with my ladybird buggy, it had a hard hood to it in the pattern of a lady bird

  35. jamie Millard says:

    I had a lifesize rupart the bear teddy. The pull cord to make him talk had long since broke but it still went everywhere with me.

  36. Susan B says:

    There were a couple of favourite dolls including Little Tuppence but I mostly loved playing in the sandpit with an old red metal tipper truck.

  37. Donna W says:

    I loved my Barbie dolls but my parents could never afford to buy me the Barbie house so I used to make my own by using hardback books as the walls and decorating the rooms with cut-outs from catalogues!

  38. Kevin Johnson says:

    I was always obsessed with Wresting action figures when I was a kid. Took them everywhere haha.

  39. Anthea Holloway says:

    I remember my little stuffed toy donkey which I called Neddy – he was my favourite.

  40. A.E. ADKINS says:

    I had a blue & red tricycle with a tipper box at the back which fitted my dolly brilliantly

  41. Victoria Prince says:

    My favourite were my Julip Horses ? my grandfather made an amazing stable for me and I would spend hours playing with them

  42. KT says:

    A Tiny Tears doll that cried. Trouble is her eyes used to get rusty and she had to keep going to the eye hospital to be mended! And I’ve no idea where the water was put for the tears lol.

  43. Diane Carey says:

    I don’t remember having a favourite toy. I was obsessed with books from a young age. I remember liking Pinky and Perky in the 60’s. I had a Give-A-Show projector which I really liked and a toy record player which played Pop Goes The Weasel

  44. I had THREE. One was a dog which my Grandma made from scraps of material she was allowed to bring home from work (as if not they were going in the bin). His name is Rags and he’s still a well-loved family member. Only signs of wear is that his red collar is a bit faded. ? I also had a doll called Rosemary (after my baby-sitter and the lady who bought me her) who if you held her hand she walked with you. She’s still here sat watching me type this up in the conversatory and is now being played with by my great-niece. ? Last but no means least I have a Rupert (yes he’s still with me) who’s about 3 feet tall. I remember getting him for Christmas and taking him to school, as we were allowed to show a present and my friend stole his blue ribbon. Fortunately her Mum made her give me it back.

  45. Laura Avery says:

    Niece would love this. I had a yellow plastic teapot and a boot that where actually little dolls houses!

  46. Laura Findlay says:

    I remember I really wanted a Sky Dancer. I was so happy when I got one for Christmas. I played with it a lot xx

  47. My funshine bear, he went everywhere with me his got a glue stain on his leg and his a bit battered but he sits on my bed and i still love him to bits

  48. Beryl Drake says:

    A doll and her wardrobe of clothes . My auntie knitted all the clothes no one had ever given me such a lovely gift .

  49. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I loved my Polly pocket necklaces, my daughter now has Polly pocket sets she’s about 20x bigger now, I just read your post, my daughter will be 9 months old at Christmas time and I’m now dreading putting my Christmas tree up, it’s one with artificial snow so gets every where when my 13 and 5 year olds brush past it without the baby yanking on it ? xXx

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